Corporate Mission

Developing the composites industry worldwide through Knowledge, Networking & Innovation.


JEC Group is the world’s leading and most innovative media and events company entirely dedicated to fostering the development of the composite materials industry.

Building on its international reach, the JEC Team and its networks, hand in hand, source and highlight advanced materials & technologies, provide information & data, publish on- & offline media content, organize exhibitions, meetings & events, and drive international programs that aims to support research, innovation and entrepreneurship.



We, at JEC Group, believe that composite materials will continue to open exciting horizons for human activities, improving people’s lives and contributing to a better world. We are enthusiastic about the future of composites in many countries and application markets, including those still to emerge.





We believe in collective intelligence, that powered the sharing of knowledge within and beyond the composite materials community.


We believe that connecting people from business, media, administration, research & academic backgrounds is a catalyst for new ideas and creates opportunities of growth for our industry.


Leveraging curiosity, openness and creativity, we consider that composites have no limits. Therefore, we promote innovative composite solutions to inspire the people who imagine, design and achieve projects in existing application sectors, as well as in new markets promised to a bright future.



We celebrate Excellence and Openness, Expertise and Innovation, Diversity and Curiosity.

We value teamwork and cooperation, to achieve as a team what individuals would not do.