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Wacker Polymers to raise prices for dispersions and solid resins in Europe, the Middle East and in Africa

News International-French

28 Jan 2021

Wacker Polymers?is to raise prices for vinyl acetate dispersions of the Vinnapas and Vinnol brands, polyvinyl alcohol solutions – brand name Polyviol – and Vinnapas solid resins in Europe, the Middle East and in Africa. Effective February 1, 2021, prices for dispersions will be raised by up to 80 euros per metric tons, prices for polyvinyl alcohol solutions and solid resins up to 100 euros per metric tons, or as customer contracts allow. This measure has been necessitated by the increase in raw material market costs.

The price adjustment enables Wacker Polymers to continue providing customers with high product quality, technological innovations, best-in-class customer service and technical support, along with supporting investment to secure the capability for future growth across focus markets.

Dispersions of the Vinnapas and Vinnol brand are applied in a broad variety of industries, ranging from adhesives, caulks, non-wovens, paints and coatings to paper, carpet and textiles. Vinnapas solid resins are used as binders or additives in composites, adhesives, coatings, sound-damping sheets and other applications. Polyviol polyvinyl alcohol solutions are used as additives in paper coatings.